Brother’s Good Wife (2018)

Genre: Semi
Kualitas: Tahun: Dilihat: 2.747 views

I will give you anything if you want me to be a good soulmate and a good heart!One day, my brother Takashine comes to the house of Shinpei and Mayumi couple. Takashi, whose situation is not good, has difficulty paying rent I ask my wife, Hiroko, to go abroad to make some money. Mayumi, who does not like Hiroko, suddenly finds hurting her, but Hiroko stands firm, A few months later, Takashi, who had not worked well, notified Hiroko of the divorce, Shinpei can not get off the poor girl and keeps on going until she gets a place to live. I was so tired of his appearance that I went home and went to my house with Mayumi Hiroko, who thinks he can not make a disaster, He tells Shinpei to leave home. It’s okay. Hiroko feeling increasingly likable in the appearance of Shinpei who cares about it sincerely. The two will eventually make a relationship, Shinpei divorces Mayumi and confesses her love to her.

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